Even before the Fire Commissioner’s office issued the new Playbook, establishing training criteria and guidelines for various levels of Fire Department response, we have been inundated with confused Fire Chiefs, Municipal and Regional District Administrators,
and Training Officers, all looking for help in understanding their responsibilities under the new rules.

In response to these numerous requests, FireWorks Consulting trainers have been travelling the province, creating and delivering training and, coaching and evaluating skills at various departments.




Before you panic, ask yourself these basic questions:

  • Do I know what level of response my community expects from the department?
  • Does my community know what level of response they expect and that we can deliver?
  • Do I know what level of training that response requires?
  • Do my people have the required level of training and can I provide documentation to prove it?
  • Do we need third party evaluation to certify our skills and/or additional training?

If you have any doubts about any of the answers to these questions, get in touch with us and we will steer you in the right direction.  Don’t worry; the first phone call/email is always free.