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This video was shot during a visit to Edinburgh and other parts of Scotland, and includes some chatter with local firefighters as well as a brief tour of the Edinburgh Fire Museum. The East serves a population of 1.6 million people, based across a wide ranging geography of some 7,700 square kilometres. Our East area crews are based at 65 fire stations.

Firefighters Without Borders routinely collects equipment, turnout gear and apparatus, and has it shipped as donations to fire departments in Central and South America.  This particular trip included a week of training for the firefighters in San Salvador, El Salvador. There were also firefighters from Nicaragua, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, and Costa Rica in the classroom and live training sessions.

Wayne Humphry speaks to a group of firefighter work experience participants at Big White Fire and Rescue.  The topic is fire behaviour. “It’s science 9,” as Wayne likes to note.

In this clip from the Firefighters Without Borders El Salvador trip, the Mayor of San Salvador joins the official ceremony which includes BC Firefighters as well as those participating in the training. Also on hand was the Canadian ambassador to El Salvador. Team leader Brian Hutchinson explains the significance of the initiative. Training is the key!

Visit to Dublin’s main fire training centre, close to Malahide Castle.  Yes, it’s windy!

Joanna Piros speaks to a Muscular Dystrophy training workshop for MD coordinators from fire departments all over BC.  The participants needed help with framing media and community messages about the annual boot fundraising campaign.

Back in San Salvador, live fire training at an acquired structure, i.e. the old Post Office building, Correo.  Lots of hazards, planned and not planned.  Pumper truck hadn’t been filled when it arrived on scene so water expectations had to be revised.  And so it goes…..

Wayne and Randy speak in Salmon Arm at a conference for training officers.  They were asked to reminisce about firefighting then and now.  Part 1 and Part 2