We welcome all training questions

Good morning!  Thanks for visiting the Fireworks Consulting site. We are passionate about providing custom, local and exceptional training to everyone who wants to do their best protecting their communities.  If that includes you — thanks for working so hard! We get it that the paperwork burden of the fire service has increased dramatically and that volunteer and paid on call departments labour under the weight of those responsibilities.  There are ways to make the paper more manageable and systems to allow you to track training and progress of your members. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel.  In our work with departments all over the country, and in various parts of the world, we have learned a trick or two, not just about dealing with the bad day, but also about setting people up for success.  Sometimes it’s hard skills and sometimes it’s leadership and interpersonal communications.  Whatever you’re struggling with, drop us a line, and just ask your question.  If we can’t answer it, we’ll suggest someone who can.